Q:  What kind of place is Church?
A:  It’s difficult to explain in a few sentences, but let me say that many who visit us say, “Wow this is so different from what I expected! (in a positive way).

Q:  What do you do at church?
A:  On Sundays, we sing praise songs (at LJFC we sing more contemporary songs than traditional hymns), we pray to God, we listen to practical message from the Bible.  Oh, we also have light lunch/snack after the service too!

Q:  Isn’t church a place for Christians?
A:  Not at all!!  Church is open to all those who want to come.  Anyone who come for the first time is usually NOT a Christian. 

Q:  Isn’t church a place for “holy people”?
A:  No.  If it was, no one could come.  Christians are not “holy people.”  Christians are rather “people who are far from perfect but trying to live a holy life.” 
Q:  I’m afraid that if I go to church people will come after me.  
A:  Well, don’t worry.  At church nothing is forced upon you.  Whether you come again or not, whether you believe or not…we totally respect your decision.  Of course we’d love you to come so we might say, “Please come again” but we will never stalk you.
Q:   What should I wear at church?
A:   Anything is fine as long as you wear something.  God loves you for who you are.  Our pastor sometimes wear a tie, but just because so that people will know who the pastor is.
Q:  Why go to church?
A:   Because something really good is waiting for you.  If you seek from your heart, you will find what you truly need in your life such as, “a key to happiness” “the purpose and meaning of your life” etc.